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Hitachi Pigmented

Many codes are moving to pigmented ink for better visualization and ease of reading. Pigmented ink, because of its varied chemical properties, can cause issues with inkjet printers. Hitachi’s Pigmented Cartridge model has been specifically designed to handle the issues that can occur with pigmented inks, including printhead nozzle blockage and corrosion. This model allows for up to 8-line printing and 64-dot coding capabilities and adheres to the reliability standards companies have come to expect from Hitachi.


Pigmented - High Performance For High Contrast


Easy Automated Nozzle Cleaning
Nozzle cleaning is as simple as pressing a button. Once nozzle cleaning is completed the printer will be set to stop mode automatically. The UX Series Pigmented printer also supports nozzle backwash functions, which allows cleaning fluid to be ingested through the nozzle, quickly and easily clearing any clogs.


Worry-Free Standby Circulation
The UX Series Pigmented inkjet printer 
also incorporates an ink circulation control method that allows ink to circulate even in standby mode. This helps to prevent ink fixing, increasing operational efficiency and further reducing potential downtime.


Airless Stirring System
Most pigmented inkjet systems require air to prevent settling and agglomeration, but the UX Series Pigmented inkjet printer relies on a simple yet highly effective Magitate system. This system reduces filter and nozzle clogging and eliminates the need for costly modifications to your compressed air system.



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