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Hitachi UX2

The perfect blend of innovation and reliability that Hitachi customers have come to trust. This cutting-edge printer offers several advanced features that elevate the coding process. With interactive videos available on the printer screen, line operators can easily troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Additionally, the new sealed Safe-Clean Station provides a safe and convenient way to thoroughly clean and dry the printer head. Say goodbye to the hassle of using open solvents as the solvent volatilized during drying is safely discharged through the exhaust duct. The operator is not exposed to any harmful gases, making the process safer than ever before. Plus, the used makeup-cleaning solvent is captured in a sealed reservoir for easy disposal.

Advanced Inkjet Printer For Tomorrow's Production Line

Intuitive HMI

Easy to use Screen

Safe - Clean Station (optional)

  • closed system to clean and dry in one operation

  • Cleaning solvent is captured in a sealed reservoir

  • Doubles as a printhead docking station, virtually eliminating clogged ink paths

Video Guidance ONboard

  • Allows for line operator troubleshooting for common issues 

  • Easy-to-follow onboard videos display with animation 

Ink Guard

  • Up to 3 times longer printing between cleaning cycles

  • Fewer faults and printing quality issues with more production output



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UX2-Prints 3 Times Longer

UX2-Prints 3 Times Longer

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