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Continues Inkjet

Printing expiration dates, lot numbers, production information, and barcodes on primary packaging such as cans, bottles, films, and other substrates is made possible by Continuous Inkjet Printers (CIJ). These printers precisely jet ink droplets, ensuring clear and concise codes at high speeds. With a small footprint, Hitachi's UX series integrates seamlessly into automated filling and packaging machines. Hitachi offers a variety of ink formulations that adhere to all primary packaging materials including paper, PP, PET, HDPE, glass, metal, and films. Check out our selection of Industrial Continuous Inkjet Printers to find the best fit for your needs.



The new Hitachi UX2 printer combines innovation with the reliability customers have come to expect from Hitachi. It has several new features to enhance the coding process.



Hitachi’s Pigmented Cartridge model has been specifically designed to handle the issues that can occur with pigmented inks, including printhead nozzle blockage and corrosion. 

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